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'RILONA' Amaryllis (Hippeastrum x 'rilona')

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'Rilona' Amaryllis is an excellent choice for those of us who prefer colors other than red in our home setting. 'Rilona' offers large, back-swept apricot-salmon blossoms that add warmth to the winter season. These stems rise up 24" to 30" that easily support the massive 7" flowers. This Amaryllis can be planted in pots to bloom through the winter and then be planted outside during spring and summer. Dig the bulbs in fall after the leaves have died back and store in a cool place for eight dormant weeks. Then, re-pot the bulb, place back on a warm, sunny windowsill, and slowly begin watering.  In eight to ten weeks you'll get to enjoy the beautiful apricot blooms for another season!

May be grown in the ground in Zones 8-11

36/38cm bulb

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