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'STEPHEN E. AMBROSE' Peony (Paeonia x lactiflora 'stephen e. ambrose.)

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Named for the American historian and author Stephen E. Ambrose, this fully-double blossom will dazzle the garden with its unique red hue.  Rounded guard petals reflex allowing an impressive eight-inch blossom whose inner petals can be interspersed with visible, golden stamen. Some blooms may have a few inner petals colored ivory with red veining. This selection puts all of its energy into it beauty and has no fragrance. Mid-season blooming stems to 32-inches complete the narrow, upright, self-supporting habit of the herbaceous bush. Very prolific and holds up well in the vase. Introduced in 2014, Peony 'Stephen E. Ambrose' is just taking hold in the peony world and WILL become a major player. Bare roots are still very difficult to find and our quantity is VERY LIMITED. ONLY ONE ROOT PER CUSTOMER.

Zones 3-8

Bare roots available only in the fall. 2/3-eye.

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