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'STRAWBERRY CRÈME BRÛLÉE' Itoh Peony ('Paeonia x intersectional 'strawberry creme brulee')

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'Strawberry Crème Brûlée's blooms are intriguingly diverse. They will appear in dark-pink and mature to creamy salmon-pink with burgundy flecks, so you're likely to have several different bloom colors at a time. They also vary from single blooms to fully-double, 24+ petal blooms; most appearing as semi-doubles. This Itoh peony blooms like crazy. It averages 3-4 flowers per stem, although sometimes it'll get up to five or six. These lovely plants bloom mid-season and keep a neat and tidy presence in the garden even after bloom. Unusual and interesting, 'Strawberry Crème Brûlée' will become a focal point and much anticipated punctuation in your perennial border.

Zones 3-9

Available only in fall as bare roots. 2/3-eye


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