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'STYMPHALIAN BIRDS' Peony (Paeonia x lactiflora 'stymphalian birds')

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Peony 'Stymphalian Birds' is an early, semi-double, dark-pink peony. Huge smooth flower buds open reddish-pink then transform to dark-pink blossoms. Each petal has creamy-white flames at the base that can be mimicked at the petal tips. Outer guard petals are frilled and ruffled. Averaging one to two 7" blossoms per stem, this vigorous grower yields a profusion of flowers on its upright bush. Healthy, green, broad-pointed leaves dress 30" stems. Very good for cutting and a choice garden plant. Unregistered seedling introduced by Joshua Scholten in 2022.

Zones 4-8

Bare roots available only in fall. 3/5-eye.