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'VALENTINE'S KISS' Peony (Paeonia x lactiflora 'valentine's kiss')

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Peony 'Valentine's Kiss' is an early, semi-double to double pink herbaceous hybrid with rose-type flowers. Each stem opens a single, 4" flower with a rose-like shape. An early-season bloomer, its bloom time is the same as 'Red Charm' with whom it competes favorably. In an unusual color evolution, 'Valentine's Kiss' opens  hot Valentine-pink, then transforms to saturated pink-salmon. Equally as appealing is the evolution of its shape; petals open in a swirl, holding its petals perfectly tight as seen with a real rose. Then,in the final act, the flower reflexes completely open forming a beautiful trumpet-shape. Dark-green, healthy foliage clothes strong, 30" stems. Valentine's Kiss is a vigorous plant producing a large number of flowering-stems as a young plant and just keeps getting more floriferous over time. Registered by the American Peony Society on Valentine's day 2016 by Joshua Scholten.

Zones 4-8

Bare root available only in the fall. 3/5-eye.