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'VERMONT SALUMI' Charcuterie

'VERMONT SALUMI' Charcuterie

 Inspired by Italy; made in Vermont.

Peter Roscini Colman is the founder of Vermont Salumi. Pete grew up on Vermont’s Cate Farm and spent summers in Umbria, Italy with his Babbo’s family. There, he used to "warm up" for lunch at his grandparents' house by eating prosciutto— a lot of prosciutto. He loved it so much that he decided to make it. His Uncle Franco introduced him to norcini, famed butchers of Umbria, who taught him the methods, techniques and centuries-old traditions of making salumi. Vermont Salumi combines the best of Old World Tradition and Vermont innovation.

AGED GROUND-MEAT SALAMI: available in 3 oz pre-sliced large format or 4 oz sticks. We combine fresh ground pork and spices in all-natural casings and hand-tie each link. Our salami ages for 3 weeks to develop superb taste and texture.

FENNEL-Our take on the classic finocchiona, this salami is approachable, aromatic and sweet with a dusting of coarse-ground fennel seed

SMOKED PAPRIKA-This salami is robust, rich and spicy. Balancing paprika and ground red pepper with fat, similar to a Spanish chorizo.

RED WINE & GARLIC-Seasoned with cracked pepper, red wine and garlic. This salami is round, earthy and studded with buttery fat.

JUNIPER-This bright flavor is reminiscent of northern Italy’s alpine landscape. 

AGED MUSCLE MEAT SALUMI: available in 3 oz pre-sliced large format. The ideal cures to maximize the natural essence of each muscle, sliced thin.

LONZA-Shelf stable 3 oz. portion of Lonza. Lean, herbed pork loin aged for 3 months. Bright and clean flavors and shaves into slices with a dusky blush hue. Same cut as Spanish Lomo ibérico. Lonza is the perfect combination of lean and fat with a smooth texture.

CAPOCOLLO-This fat-laced muscle is the back of the pig's neck, aged for 2 months and dusted with black pepper and coriander. With the smooth texture of prosciutto, but a more substantially fatty mouthfeel it's the cornerstone of the deli-style Italian sandwich.

BRESAOLA-The vast majority of Italian salumi are made with pork, but beef eye-of-round is the star here. This ruby-red meat is nicely marbled and aged for 2 months with a touch of thyme, juniper, and black pepper

COTTO-Similar to its Prosciutto sibling above, this front-loin cut is cured with rosemary, sage and black pepper, providing an herbaceous, aromatic and complex flavor.

PANCETTA-Our pancetta is pork belly studded with juniper, black pepper, and thyme, and carefully cured for two months. Its rich pork flavor will star in a pasta dish (especially Carbonara or Amatriciana) or bring added depth to any charcuterie board.

SAUSAGES: available in 14 oz packages, just ground pork and spices. No gluten fillers, sugar, or preservatives and our animals are raised without antibiotics.

CHORIZO-Earthy with a little cayenne kick.

ITALIAN-The “suit-and-tie” of sausages, a blend of coriander, fennel and a bit of red pepper.

ROSEMARY & RED-The holy trinity of sausage: pork, rosemary, and red wine.

BEER BRATWURST-Made with Fiddlehead IPA, this sausage is perfectly bright and hoppy.

MAPLE BREAKFAST-The familiar sweetness of maple is hard to beat.

RED WINE & GARLIC-A classic of Umbria, Italy, this flavor is straightforward and delicious.  

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